The history of Plano System AB and the inventor Svante Larsson starts in the small village Sörfors nearby the town of Umeå in northern Sweden.

1986. The first product under the name PLANO was the glue-press invented in 1986. It was an immediate success and it is still one of our most popular products. The company was a one product company until 1994.
1994. The awarded sanding drum PLANOREX entered the market.
1998. The SAUNO drying aggregates were integrated and they are now helping thousands of woodworkers to produce dry and stable wood of superior quality.
2001. The well known NOBEX mitre saws and squares were integrated in 2001 and the NOBEX Octo and NOBEX Quattro Carbon have since then been successfully introduced.

2007. The latest member of PLANO family is the KIRJES sanding and polishing program, based on the unique Kirjes inflatable sanding drums. The Kirjes program has grown a lot since since becoming a PLANO-member and the sales are reaching higher and higher levels every year.
2013. The latest developed and patented PLANO WOODWORKING-product is the smart hollowing tool OrbiCut. It is met with great enthusiasm wherever shown and everyone is amazed by how safe and easy it is to handle and by the wide range of opportunities it offers. It is made in Sweden in our own facilities.
2017. Product Rights for Nobex, Plano, PlanoRex and Sauno have been sold to Logosol AB and production moved to Härnösand.

We are proud that our products are not just succesfully introduced but used and admired after many years in the hands of creative woodworkers.